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The information-product and education industries are {each} a multi-billion dollar industry; and for good reason.


Why? Because everyone knows that knowledge is power. We would be kidding ourselves if we didn’t like the idea of having enough power, influence and / or profit under our belts to live the DREAM LIFE {whatever that is}.


The goal is to create a life that lets you make money while you sleep or travel the world for pleasure!

This is the secret doorway to that exact life.


If you are a leading expert in your field or  ready to become one and you believe that you have what it takes to transfer your knowledge to others in an inspiring and transformational way, this book is designed for you.


What will you learn from Knowledge To Profit?


  1. Why knowledge transfer will never die!
  2. Why you should want / need to package your knowledge TODAY!
  3. How traditional knowledge transfer works.
  4. How digital knowledge transfer works.
  5. Where to begin with your Knowledge Empire (brainstorming strategies and decision making).
  6. How to validate your vision and establish REAL value with your empire.
  7. How “design thinking” guarantees successful programs development.
  8. How to identify program goals and milestones for success & maximized engagement.
  9. How to compose CAPTIVATING manuals, books, guides, curriculum and worksheets
  10. Which publishing resources you need and how to get everything at COST or LESS!
  11. How to produce, promote, deliver and repurpose HIGH ATTENDANCE
  12. How to plan / produce HIGHLY PROFITABLE Workshops and Conferences.
  13. How to WOW from the stage {and overcome stage fright}.
  14. Why coaching, mentoring and training will become some of your BIGGEST TICKET ITEMS.
  15. How to bring EVERYTHING together and maximize lifetime values / customer.
  16. How to secure LIFE-LONG CUSTOMER RETENTION through ongoing consulting, masterminds and roundtables and remarkable service!

And of course..a lot of this focuses on the financial freedom you can see as early as the release of your first knowledge product.

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